This meditation is one I created for when you're feeling stressed, angry and/or just plain beside yourself with what's going on in your life for what ever reason. It's important to focus on love and wellbeing for all because what you/we put out energetically is what you/we will get back.

REMEMBER...Thoughts create Be The LIGHT and help create a better place for you and all beings. I hope this helps.


Music by: The Native Flute Ensemble, Gathering of Shamen album
Songs include: Spirit Seekers Ceremony, and Sacred Spaces, Sacred Hills

At the end, after my speaking is a 1min. chant: Shamanic Chant #5 - Heal the Soul by Sacred Spirit on their album Chants and Dances of the Native Americans

  • 2017 meditation15:47

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Stephanie is a very conscientious holistic and spiritual practitioner.I have practiced yoga with her as both a student and teacher. She has supported my own healing through Thai massage, taught me how to address issues and rethink the way I live my life during her "Body, Mind, & Home, 28 Day Challenge" course (which I intend to review and restart), and most recently performed a space clearing of my home to create a positive energetic environment. Read her, experience her, learn from her. She has a lot to offer.

​Mary D.