Body, Mind and Home Wellness

De-clutter the whole you….


Note:  If you went to In balanced Harmony, you're still in the right place. This is where you'll now find all that I offer.


Hello, I'm Stephanie and I love to help people de-clutter their livesbe it their body, mind and/or home.

Clutter-Buster offerings:

For the Body:
yoga and thai bodywork

For the Mind:
meditation and numerology 
For the Home:
de-cluttering & organizing
using the 
principles of feng shui

It is my passion to inspire in you the positive changes you would like to make in your life. We all have special needs and ways to bring about the change we desire...1 size does not fit all.
So choose 1, 2 or all offerings and let's get started.

Together we can transform your 

body, mind and home by releasing the CLUTTER!

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September 2014

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